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5 Colorful Trails Perfect for Fall

October 13, 2020

It was gone as fast as it came – Summer 2020 has come to a close. While there were some roadblocks along the way, we still had a blast getting out in the sun on our favorite trails in our favorite outdoor destination tees. That said, the beautiful bright colors that Autumn paints the trees and leaves are as majestic as they are enigmatic. We’re totally here for it, and are tracking down the best trails that come loaded with tons of graceful fall scenery. 

1) Trail of Ten Falls – Silver Falls State Park, OR 

Clocking in at about seven and a half mile loop, this trail is relatively easy with an approximately 1,000 foot elevation gain. You’ll encounter ten waterfalls (go figure) framed by lush landscapes that are simply glowing with fall colors. Aside from the waterfalls, the trail itself will be a sight for sore eyes, traversing leaf ridden trails that elegantly guide you to the next viewpoint. 


2) Tieton River Nature Trail – Yakima, WA

This seven mile round trip trek only has an elevation gain of 300 feet! Meaning it’s a great go with the family for all you Washingtonians. West of Yakima just off Highway 12, this trail is best saved for October or November when the mountains are just starting to get a bit of snowfall. You’ll crest Tieton River Canyon and get panoramic views of bright yellow aspens and explosively vibrant cottonwoods. This route is on par with Christmas light walkthroughs. 

3) Old Rag Mountain – Shenandoah National Park, VA

This eight mile trail is coined the hardest one in all of Shenandoah National Park, but rewards you with one of a kind sights that span as far as the eye can see. Once you get to the top, green and orange hues shift and weave with the dipping hilltops that surround you – 200,000 acres to be exact. It’s a rough one, taking most folks about eight hours, reason being you experience a vast amount of boulder obstacles forcing you to really get creative in passing over them. 

Bullhead Lake

4) Bullhead Lake – Glacier National Park, MT

Autumn is rumored to be one of the best times of the year to visit Glacier National Park, not only due to the scenery but also low density on the trail. Ebbing light and dark shades of gold and red as you comb the lake, carried by a collage of fall shades. The lake itself is a serene body of water shouldered by distant looming mountains, riddled with snowfall by this time of year. It’s reminiscent of all of the alpine features that are characteristic of Montana and the West. 

File:Mount Monadnock as seen from Bald Rock.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

5) Mount Monadnock – Jaffrey, NH

One of the best features of this mountain is that there are multiple trails for you to choose from, each offering distinct sets of trials and scenery – the most popular being the White Dot trail, taking about four hours. A ~3,100 foot peak offers you 360-degree sights that span multiple surrounding states. The main appeal to this route is the two or so dozen different trails that let you customize your experience. It’s a beautifully spun network of walkways, festooned with soothing fall colors.


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