5 Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2023 & Beyond

5 Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2023 & Beyond

The end of January is often a New Years resolution checkpoint. Whether you’re getting outdoors more, exercising or cutting down on screen time - it’s important to give yourself credit for making it happen! Though as the year progresses, it can be easy to drop them or practice them less frequently. One of our resolutions every year is to do right by the planet and practice environmentally friendly habits. It’s a resolution that’s critical to maintain year-round!

In need of a couple ideas to get started, for everything from outdoor adventure to everyday lifestyle? We’ve got you covered with five eco-friendly resolutions. 

1. Environmental Volunteer Work

Start small by picking up litter you see in your area. If you want to go a step further, use your time to volunteer at animal shelters, animal welfare organizations or neighborhood clean ups. These activities go such a long way and are low stakes commitments that only take a few hours of your day, week or month. Stay in tune with volunteer opportunities near you!

2. Reduce Meat Consumption

You may have heard of meatless Mondays. It’s often practiced to help reduce the large carbon footprint that the meat production industry has on the environment. Start small by tackling one day of the week without any meat, and from there, who knows, you may find it easy to make a habit out of going multiple days per week without it! 

3. Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Meet your daily hydration goals while also cutting down on plastic waste! Earthday.org says that the average US citizen uses 156 plastic water bottles per year. Reusable water bottles last a long time, and most of which are dishwasher safe. If you’re willing to invest in one that will last nearly a lifetime, Stanley or Hydro Flask are some great options, but there are solid budget picks as well. Whether you’re staying hydrated on the trail or need a quick sip on your commute to work, a good reusable water bottle will keep you fluid anywhere and everywhere. 

4. Plant a Garden

You don’t need a huge yard to start a garden or pollinator habitat! In fact, your balcony or rooftop can suffice, and add some lush aesthetic to your living space. With lots of space, you can harvest edible vegetables and produce wildflowers for pollinators like small birds, butterflies and bees. 

Plants are able to absorb carbon dioxide and many other air pollutants while releasing clean oxygen. On top of that, gardening helps reduce stress and gives you a good boost of vitamin D! 

5. Support Environmentally Conscious Brands

At American Backcountry our core values include celebrating our public lands while helping protect them. That’s the mantra behind our line of REPREVE® eco-friendly tees - which use four recycled plastic water bottles to make one shirt! 

On top of displaying captivating, outdoor-inspired art that pays homage to your favorite national parks, forests, trails and mountain tops - you can stay cool and comfy on the trail while doing right by the environment. 

In the spirit of sustainability and comfort, take on the new year with the planet in mind! 

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