5 Must-Haves For Spring Camping Adventures

5 Must-Haves For Spring Camping Adventures

While Summer is traditionally the time people head out into the wilderness, if you get the urge early and want to beat the crowds, Spring is a great time to go camping. Of course you will need all of your regular camping supplies, but you should also take the time to pack a few more items or modify your camping products to ensure you stay warm and dry. Here are some of our go-tos.


1. Big Area Tarps 

Spring weather can be more unpredictable than other times of the year so be sure bring some protection from the elements. Regular rectangular tarps can be difficult to get set up so buy a big area tarp that comes with guy lines, stakes and stuff sacks to make it easier on you. You can set it up over your tent or prepare a cooking area that will sure to be protected in case of rain.

We like ENO's SuperFly Utility Tarp. It's lightweight, easy to set up, and big enough to cover your whole camp.

Sleeping Bags

2. Sleeping Bags 

Everyone has a sleeping bag ready to go for their next adventure, but for spring camping, be sure it is rated (temperature wise) low enough to keep you warm all through the night. Check the ratings on your existing sleeping bags and if they aren’t sufficient, buy a new one before you head out. The last thing you want is to be caught out by an unusually cold Spring night!

 Camping Chairs

3. Comfortable Chairs 

Too often campers are focused on the main essentials like tents and sleeping bags and forget to pack other items that make the trip more comfortable. Long back or leisure chairs make any spot comfortable and secure. They protect you from moist ground or can conveniently be added to a rock or log for instant relaxation.

 We like Crazy Creek's HEX 2.0 PowerLounger. It's got a comfortable, high back and can double as a sleeping pad if you're going ultra-light. Plus, it rolls up for easy transportation so you don't have to leave it at camp when you're summiting your next peak.

4. Table

Another item that often gets forgotten while Spring camping is where to put everything. Cooking on the ground is challenging and if you want to play cards, read or write, you need a table. If you're car camping, you have many options, but we like Blue Ridge Chair Works Carolina Snack Table for all-round usage. 

American Backcountry Tees 

5. A Good Tee

So much thought might be put into your packing list, you might forget you need to think about your clothing too! Lightweight, long sleeved materials are perfect for Spring. Our destination inspired tees feature breathable material for warmer days and trekking some mileage, and the long-sleeves come in handy to both shield you from the cold, and the cooler evenings so well know for this time of year.

Whether you need Camping Supplies, Camping Products or just some fun items to take on your next adventure, be sure to pack some top outdoor gear for Spring camping.






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