6 Songs to Add to Your Adventure Playlist

6 Songs to Add to Your Adventure Playlist

Do you have songs that remind you of the outdoors? Maybe something your parents played in the car on the way to your favorite trail or campsite, or something that just makes you feel at home outside. Sometimes, that track is the sound of the wind between the trees, the birds chirping or the river roaring. 

Personally, we love a good song that gets us pumped about the outdoors and its natural beauty. We’ve compiled a list of some songs that stoke our flame for the trail and all it has to offer. We’ve also included a little something about why we love each one and why it makes us think of the outdoors! 

1) Lord Huron | “Ends of the Earth”

To the ends of the earth, would you follow me?

There's a world that was meant for our eyes to see

This chorus drives home the wondrous curiosity that pulls us into the outdoors. One of Lord Huron’s most popular songs, Ends of the Earth takes us to our earliest memory of feeling at home in the wilderness. It’s a chill yet adventurous jam that we find best suits the way back down, but never fails to make us want to see what else is out there. 

2) Three Dog Night | “Out in the Country”

Whenever I feel them closing in on me

Or need a bit of room to move

When life becomes too fast, I find relief at last

Out in the country

Three Dog Night to us is a tasteful, unique blend of styles reminiscent of many popular rock and R&B groups of the 70s. The soulful harmonic vocal melodies are as soothing as they are groovy. Their band name is actually in reference to an Australian expression describing low nocturnal temperatures in the outback - the colder the night was, the more dogs needed to stay warm. Out in the Country sings the familiar sentiment of the therapeutic, refreshing health benefits that the outdoors have on us. It’s an ode to unplugging from our day to day lives and finding solace in the ancient wilds. 

3) Fleet Foxes | “Ragged Wood”

Never failing to bring forward an earthy, old-school sound, Fleet Foxes is one of the more impressive modern folk-rock artists that does a great job of encapsulating the genres and era of music they pay homage to. Ragged Wood fills an upbeat acoustic guitar lick with a rumbling march on drums, garnished with subtle distorted electric guitar cords and humming vocals. Closing your eyes while listening may invoke visions of wading on a serene lake, or taking in the endless views from a summit. 

4) John Prine | “Quiet Man” 

Oodles of light, what a beautiful sight

Both of God's eyes are shining tonight

Rays and beams of incredible dreams

And I am a quiet man

The bulk of lyrics for Quiet Man illustrate John Prine as somebody unbothered by the everyday nonsense and projections. You got news for me / I got nothin’ for you / Don’t pin your blues on me. Then he slips in the line mentioned above about basking beneath the shiny blanket of stars above and not being able to find words. This feeling of speechlessness and awe is a common theme in the outdoor experience, and we love thinking about it and hearing it in song. 

5) Coldplay | “Adventure of a Lifetime”

Everyone knows Coldplay for their iconic somber jams from the early and mid 2000s. This track however kicks things up a notch with a fun, electric upbeat groove. This one is better appreciated less for its lyrical sentiment, but rather its exciting energetic flow. With earbuds, bump this one once you set foot on the trail. In the car, blast it on your way to the trailhead for a warm, sunny mental boost. Side note: the music video is an absolute blast. Check it out here.

6) Xavier Rudd | “Follow the Sun”

Breath, breath in the air

Set your intentions

Dream with care

Tomorrow is a new day for everyone

A brand new moon, brand new sun

So follow, follow the sun

The direction of the birds

The direction of love

Coming in hot - pun intended - is Xavier Rudd’s Follow the Sun which honestly sounds like it was written on a hot summer day on the beach, staring out at the ocean. It’s a very peaceful acoustic jam sprinkled with rhythms from electric guitar and harmonica bridging. The tranquil cadence sets the scene for a perfect sunset, and its lyrical substance will ground you in the present and wash away all worries. Isn’t that one reason we all seek an escape in the outdoors?

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