American Backcountry Artist Profile | Olivia Holmes

American Backcountry Artist Profile | Olivia Holmes

The outdoor-inspired artwork featured on American Backcountry tees is something we believe sets us apart from other brands. Our unique illustrations, featuring a wide range of styles and designs, help capture the beauty and experience of taking on our favorite backcountry locations. 

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce one of our new artists onboard, Olivia Holmes, who’s helped us with a few recent projects in the works. We got the opportunity to hear from Olivia about her background and her artistic process! 

Could you give a quick background on how you came to work with American Backcountry, and for how long?

I started at American Backcountry back in June of 2022. I had a friend from a previous job who was working with them and knew I wanted more illustration work so I could quit my full-time job and become a freelance illustrator/designer. When AB was looking for artists, she got me connected and from the first phone call with them I knew the work would be exactly what I wanted to be doing. I had a handful of freelance clients already, and adding AB to the mix is what let me quit my full-time job and dive into illustration and design on my own!


What type of art style do you lean towards, and what are some ways you get inspired for the designs?

I’ve always leaned towards detailed pen and ink drawings, watercolor paintings, or some combination of the two. I like making weird, funky creatures, using warm color palettes, and using organic shapes. I don’t like my art to be too clean-cut, I like some lively messiness to it whenever I can make that style work. I find a lot of inspiration from getting outdoors, listening to random mixes on Spotify, and looking at the work of other creatives.

What are some things you think set apart American Backcountry's designs and art from other brands?

In a world where digital art has taken over, I feel like they do a great job of appreciating a style that feels more traditional and created by hand without being dated or old fashioned. This approach works so well with the outdoors and nature theme of their apparel. 

Do you have any favorite designs, and any unique stories behind their creation?

I always love getting to design for a mountain I’ve skied on, or draw a view I’ve driven past! It’s fun to have a personal connection to the art. I recently did several illustration and shirt designs for a few locations in the Mammoth mountain area, which lies in the Inyo National Forest area of Madera and Mono counties. I’ve driven past those mountains so many times on my way to go rock climbing in the Eastern Sierras, so it was really fun to tackle that project.

Do you have any details behind your process or inspiration you’d like to share?

I need background noise, always. My favorite place to start a project is a busy coffee shop. I’ve got such a short attention span that despite my art being pretty detail oriented, I like to hop from one project to the next without ever spending more than a few hours at a time on something before working on another, then coming back to it.


We're so excited to have Olivia on the team and see what she cooks up for future tees and designs. You can bet on them stoking your adventurous spirit! Speaking of which, Spring and Summer are not far off - are you ready to take on the trail with unparalleled comfort? 

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To see Olivia's official website for more of her work and past experience, click here

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