Artist Spotlight: Sierra Carmean

Artist Spotlight: Sierra Carmean
Welcome to our latest Artist Spotlight, where we shine a light on the incredible talents behind American Backcountry's unique designs. Today, we're excited to introduce you to Sierra Carmean, an artist whose journey from tattooing to digital art has infused our collection with a fresh, vibrant energy.

Meet Sierra Carmean
Sierra Carmean has been an integral part of the American Backcountry family for the past 2.5 years. Her journey to digital art is as fascinating as her designs. After learning the art of tattooing in Germany and traveling across the U.S. to explore new styles, Sierra turned to digital art as a way to stay home with her newborn. What started as a temporary fix quickly became a passion, and she happily traded her tattoo machine for a keyboard and mouse.

"I enjoyed it so much with American Backcountry that I have replaced my ol' Dan Kubin tattoo machine with a keyboard and mouse," Sierra says.

Her Artistic Style and Medium
Before iPads became the go-to tool for digital artists, Sierra primarily used Photoshop for preparing large tattoo sleeves and pieces. This experience has heavily influenced her approach to digital art, allowing her to bring color theory and watercolor-like effects to life in her designs. "I have always painted and even when tattooing, I was the go-to color gal. It's been neat to see how that translates into t-shirt design," Sierra explains.

The Creative Process
Sierra's creative process is a thoughtful blend of painting and tattoo design techniques. 

"There has to be an item of focus, such as a bridge, viewpoint, or waterfall, that requires thicker outlines and sharper color contrasts to make it pop. Then the background can have thicker paint strokes, less detail, and more fluid transitions of color," she describes.
Nature as Inspiration
Sierra's art draws deeply from her experiences in various landscapes, from her family's ranch land near Big Bend National Park to the vibrant Southern Alps of Germany and the ever-changing Smokies of the Appalachians.

"The type of sky is just as important. Wide open skies of Texas to the cold blues of the Smokies provide the perfect frame for the landscapes," she says.
Exploring New Techniques
Sierra loves pushing the boundaries of creativity by exploring various techniques. She finds inspiration everywhere, whether she’s drying and pressing flowers, sketching ferns on hikes, or using acrylic and oil for her larger works. "Having kids brings a new element of creativity," she shares, explaining how her children inspire her to think in new ways, especially in her art.

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