Celebrate National Forest Week with American Backcountry

Celebrate National Forest Week with American Backcountry

As we celebrate National Forest Week, American Backcountry wants to share our profound love for the forests and the essence of the American backcountry. Founded by Frank Hintz, our company has deep roots in the hiking community. Frank, inspired by his conversations with weary thru-hikers and his own experiences, recognized a gap in the market for high-quality, practical hiking apparel. His journey to the Washington Observatory in New Hampshire highlighted the need for custom hiking apparel. It was there, in the Backpackers Sanctuary room, that Frank met Peter, who requested a shirt featuring a topographic map and a list of Mount Washington’s popular hiking trails. Listening to Peter’s request set the foundation for our customer-focused approach, which has guided us ever since.

black and white photo of the owner before the company started

Since those early days, American Backcountry has become the vendor of choice for many leading outdoor retailers, National Park concessions, and Boy Scouts of America groups. Our specialty in creating destination-specific t-shirts has resonated with outdoor enthusiasts across the country. In 2001, we were pioneers in the industry, specializing in printing graphics on moisture-wicking tees. Our commitment to innovation didn't stop there. We embraced new print technologies, such as sublimation and direct-to-garment printing, to provide our customers with the best garments and printing methods available.

At American Backcountry, we pride ourselves on doing things the hard way, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. Unlike other t-shirt companies that simply slap a “namedrop” on a generic mountain picture, we focus on creating meaningful designs that reflect the specific mountains our customers have climbed. This dedication to authenticity and quality has set us apart in the industry. Our customers appreciate the difference and value the effort we put into each design.

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Photo by Zuzanna Szczepańska on Unsplash

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We are committed to producing eco-friendly products to help maintain a healthy planet. Our Tri-Blend Tees, made with REPREVE® Recycled Polyester, incorporate an average of four recycled water bottles per shirt. This initiative significantly reduces the environmental impact of our products. Many of our customers, including those in the National Park, Outdoor Retail, and Resort Destination marketplaces, have joined us in this initiative, enjoying the benefits of strong sales while supporting the re-shoring of American jobs.

REPREVE® fibers, made from recycled bottles and other materials, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing the need for new petroleum resources. By choosing our products, customers not only enjoy high-quality apparel but also contribute to environmental conservation. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with the values of outdoor enthusiasts who cherish and protect the natural beauty of our planet.

Join us in celebrating National Forest Week and show your support for the American backcountry by choosing American Backcountry t-shirts. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability ensures that you get the best apparel for your adventures while making a positive impact on the environment. Let’s continue to explore, protect, and celebrate the great outdoors together.

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