Enjoy the Pacific Crest Trail with American Backcountry

Enjoy the Pacific Crest Trail with American Backcountry
Happy Summer from American Backcountry! As we approach Independence Day, it's the perfect time to venture into the great outdoors and make the most of the beautiful trails, including the iconic Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Whether you're planning a local hike or embarking on a through-hike of the PCT, American Backcountry has the perfect destination tee to commemorate your journey. Don't forget to explore our range of men’s and women’s solar performance tees, providing UPF 50+ sun protection, keeping your skin safe under the summer sun.
Embarking on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is not only the adventure of a lifetime but also a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty that the American West has to offer. As you hike from start to finish, spanning three states and over 2,500 miles, you'll travel through different seasons, witnessing the gorgeous ever-changing landscapes. It's important to enjoy the trails safely, so let's highlight some essential tips for your journey.
If you're a northbound hiker starting from southern California and making your way up to the Canadian border in Washington, you're in for a treat within the first few days of your journey. After hiking forty miles and feeling the beginning aches and pains set in, you’ll be gifted with the view from Mt Laguna and remember why you started. This is just the first of many outstanding views you’ll see along the way. 
As you head into the San Gabriel Mountains, you’ll be blown away by the spectacular sunset on Mt. Baden Powell. The summit is a fantastic place to set up camp for the night and if you opt for a tent-free night, you can sleep under the stars and wake up to the sunrise providing a stellar view of the Mojave desert.  It's an ideal spot to celebrate Independence Day with a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.
One of the most well known and beautiful passages of the PCT is the John Muir Trail. If you’re a north-bounder, you’ll be a couple of months into your journey when you get here. Starting off in Yosemite, famous for its towering granite cliffs that can make you feel so small, you’ll continue on and with a 16 mile detour. You’ll find yourself standing on the highest point in the contiguous United States and realize the view was well worth it all. Check out this beautiful tee to commemorate your time on top of the world.
Aptly named, Goats Rocks Wilderness is one of the coolest places you’ll see on the trail. From gorgeous wildflowers to actual mountain goats, there’s so much to take in here along the Cascade Range in Washington. Goat Rocks Wilderness was actually a volcano but has been extinct for millions of years. However, it does provide a fantastic view of Mt. Adams, which is the largest active volcano in Washington. 
Last but certainly not least on highlight reel today is the Glacier Peak Wilderness. With over 100 peaks in the area, there are unbelievable views everywhere you look but arguably none quite as impressive as Glacier Peak itself. When the sun is setting and cascading over every bump and ridge in sight, it’s hard to even conceive the level of beauty you’re witnessing. Washington has so much to offer and here at American Backcountry we wanted to provide a unique topographical design to honor the beauty that Washington brings us and the natural wonders that make our country so remarkable.
The Pacific Crest Trail offers experiences and vistas that will stay with you for a lifetime. American Backcountry is here to provide the tees that help you celebrate your journey. Check out our PTC designs here and keep living your best life out in the wilderness. As you embark on this adventure and enjoy the Fourth of July, remember to stay hydrated throughout your hikes, especially in the summer heat. Carry enough water with you and take regular breaks to drink and rest. Additionally, practice responsible outdoor ethics by packing in and packing out any trash or waste you generate during your celebrations. Enjoy the holiday responsibly while appreciating the natural wonders and freedom that our beautiful country provides. Happy Independence Day!
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