Notes From The Trail

This is my tale of hiking in the 100-Mile Wilderness and up (and then down, because, well, once at the summit, you have to go somewhere!) Katahdin.

I have been section hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT) in small bites since 2010. I was a latecomer to the hiking party. I am a 23-year retired Air Force pilot who then flew for an airline, so big chunks of time were hard to come by. Even though I grew up in Virginia, I had zero knowledge of the AT until my son started skipping class to go hiking while he was at VA Tech in his senior year, 2006. Being the straight-A student he was, my wife and I didn't yell at him and I thought, "How cool." So the seed was planted in my brain, but as I was just starting my airline career, the time wasn't right.

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